The following discounts are granted to the customers of our on-line shop:


  1. Regular customers are granted the following discount thresholds/levels:
  • Above 500 PLN – 2% discount
  • Above 1000 PLN – 3 % discount
  • Above 2000 PLN – 5% discount
  • Above 3000 PLN – 6 % discount
  • Above 5000 PLN – 7 % discount
  1. Discounts are calculated automatically by our system with the order. The amounts given above are the sums of all orders purchased done by the customer in the shop starting from the moment of registration in the shop.
  2. Several times in a year shop organize promotion actions with coupons that contains discount codes for purchases in our shop. Codes should be written in the “disocunt coupon” window while placing the order. Discount from the coupon is not summed with your regular customers discount.
  3. Customers who are newsletter subscribers are additionally informed about promotion actions and new discounts introduced in our shop.
  4. Discount offer is in force starting from 27.10.2010