Order step-by-step


If you have decided to buy a product from the offer of our shop, follow steps  below while placing the order:

  1. If there are options to select from (colour, size, type, etc.), select the appropriate for you in the drop-down menu under the description of the product.
  2. Click the box “to the basket”.
  3. If you want to continue purchasing select the next product of your interest and follow instructions as in  1. and 2.
  4. If your basket contains all products you wanted to buy, press the box “go to cashier desk”.
  5. If you are a new customer in our shop click the box “place order and create account”  to register and use all the possibilities of the shop.
  6. Carefully fill in your personal and address data – check if all names and numbers are correct so that packages are delivered to the correct address. I It is important to write your correct phone number in case of sudden problems and to let the courier establish the convenient delivery time with you.
  7. Here you decide whether you want to obtain a VAT invoice or receipt for order. If you want a VAT invoice for a firm do not forget to give all necessary data and Taxpayer Identification Number.
  8. After filling several required boxes click “continue” box. Information about successful registration of new user account will follow. The e-mail with info about your account will be sent to the e-mail address  you used while placing the order within an hour. If you didn't recive the e-mail,  plece check the spam folder first. If it isn't there, please write us an e-mail to inform us on this matter.
  9. If the address for settlements and delivery is the same choose the way of delivery by marking appropriate option. If the address for delivery is different from that of settlements fill in the address for delivery and then select.
  10. Select the way of shipment

In case of shiping abroad we do not have option cash on delivery.

  • Courier DPD – paid in advance – means that you pay for the order by money transfer order to our banking account. In case of “paid in advance”, on the next page you will find two options to choose from:

-          prepaid to the banking account – if you select this option after placing the order you will get the e-mail with the banking account number to which the money for order should be transferred.

-          quick money transfer – PayPal By selecting this option you can make a quick money transfer fro your paypal acount. When the order is confirmed you will be automatically brought to the paypal site- all you need to do is login on that site and make a payment.

-          individual collection – means that you want to collect the ordered products in person in our shop in Poland, Łódź, Brukowa street nr 10.

-          you can also select postal packet via Poczta Polska in four versions: priority on delivery, economic on delivery.

  1. Click “continue”
  2. If you select the option “paid in advance” you will be asked to choose the form of money transfer.
  3. Check if all products and all the data in your order are correct. If you have a special request or remark, please write it down in the commentary to the orderJ  If everything is checked correct click “place order”. In this moment the procedure of placing the order is completed.